About Us....

"We have experts who are committed to providing leading technological services, solutions and products."

This is Echotree

We are the crazy ones

We’re a team of passionate, ambitious, curious and fearless nerds. We love the products we build and deliver, and are excited about using technology to drive change and improve efficiency.

We offer services across the computing and technology sectors and are a provider of computer hardware and software, communications services, cloud hosting and SaaS solutions, software development and consultancy.

We are the crazy ones. This is not work. This is our passion.


What we do best:

  • Provide over 15 years experience in IT and technology
  • Offer reliable project management and consultancy you can trust
  • Work with you to provide killer solutions
  • Assess business processes to offer best-practice recommendations
  • Customise solutions to your needsLeaders in the Spotlight...


Dean Lewis

Operations Director

Working in technology roles for over 15 years, Dean has wide ranging technical experience in network and cloud infrastructure, systems administration, DevOps, and technical consultancy. These are skills supported by a strong academic background and through knowledge acquired working primarily in the education and recruitment sectors.

Working at a senior level, Dean he has lead projects supporting or developing solutions for a customer base comprised of a number of FTSE100 companies.


Gareth Brown

Technical Director

With over 15 years experience in technical roles, Gareth has designed, developed and implemented complex technical solutions for some of the countries largest businesses, whilst working in both the technology and education sectors.

Working on projects in the fields of biometric time and attendance and worker management, Gareth's key skills include agile software development, project management, and technical consultancy.