3CX Phone System

3CX Phone System

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3CX is a robust software-based and open standards PBX phone system which helps organizations and companies tackle their daily communications needs, boost the productivity of their agents, conduct meetings through web conferencing, and reduce telco costs. This IP phone system and unified communications solution can be run in the cloud or on-premises, or virtualized on existing servers using Hyper V or VMware. 3CX offers advanced communications features such as the ability to view presence, deliver faxes and voicemails through email, send text messages, and host webinars and online meetings.

With 3CX, remote workers will be able to make interoffice phone calls for free and customers can reach out to them at a lower charge. The PBX phone system also eliminates licensing and billing on a per extension basis, enabling users to reduce their phone bills and communications costs. 3CX has VoIP clients designed for iOS and Android devices which permit users to handle and transfer calls from their smartphones as well as view the presence of their coworkers from any location.

In addition, 3CX delivers an extension called Click to Call that users can add to popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, and even to their existing CRM system. As a result, they will be able to automatically detect phone numbers on web pages, emails, and their existing CRM system, and make calls directly within the web browser or CRM system.